What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

A Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a non-compulsory cover that can take care of your loan or credit card debt expenditures if you are not capable to meet them due to an accident, ill health, involuntary job loss or demise. You will more often than not pay for your PPI in one of two ways: as a total supplementary to the sum you’re borrowing for a loan, or for credit card debt refunds in monthly premiums.

Making a MBNA PPI Complaint

You can complain to MBNA straight away about your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). You only need to download the PPI feedback form and give sufficient information to allow MBNA to fully assess your grievance after which you send it to their offices at BancTec Ltd Sandringham House on Sandringham Avenue.

The PPI complaint is not charged by MBNA, so you can keep away from the claims management companies and save yourself some cash. Most of the details about your own financial circumstances are known only to you, so stay in charge by putting in the claim individually.

PPI Complaint Resolution Timeline

All complaints as investigated as quickly as possible and within 8 business days, you can know that the bank has received your grievances. A full response is provided in the shortest time possible but no later than 56 days from the day the complaint was received.

Information Needed for a Complaint

All the information that is needed to investigate any complaint in the ‘PPI questionnaire’ is to be filled for successful processing. Remember to include as much detail as possible, including prior addresses, so the complaint can be dealt with complaint swiftly and professionally.
Incase your account is under an IVA or you are Bankrupt then you will be asked to provide additional information.Note that not all sections of the regular form will be relevant to you, so it is vital that you take your time and fill in all necessary details that are relevant to your MBNA PPI Claim. This form, once completed, will almost certainly form the complete foundation of your PPI complaint, so make sure you get it right.

What to do with an Existing PPI Complaint

If a complaint has already been made and a decision is still pending, the Bank we will be contact you by post before long. The complaint is dealt within in a span of 56 days after it has been received.

Change in Circumstance

In case of unintentional joblessness, hospitalization, becoming a full-time carer, or are not working as a result of an accident or bad health you may be entitled to make a claim against your policy.

Judicial Review Impact

After a Judicial Review by the High Court in April 2011, all Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) providers agreed to a new set of rules for handling complaints. This means that the process can be handled by MBNA at a faster rate by directly dealing with complaints.
This service is not charged by MBNA, so you do not need to go through a Claims Management Company (CMC) that might ask for an initial charge and take part of any probable recompense you may get.

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Absolute Reasons Why an Individual Might Require Water Main Replacement

There are distinct reasons as to why an individual can think of water main replacement. The first one is due to leakage from a burst pipe. Another one can just be replacing old water pipes that got installed in several decades ago. Thus, this article will highlight some tips oh how to know and reasons why one can consider replacing his water main.

It’s easy to tell if the water pipe is leaking and requires attention through observing the water pressure. A person can easily recognize that the pressure of water supply has reduced thus he/she might need to act and find out the cause. Another absolute tip is through unending hissing noise from the water pipe. If every time one pumps water, he/she gets that hissing noise from the pipes, then it could be an indication that the pipes are leaking. One can also check the ground, grass and compound areas, and if, during the dry seasons, some places have dump patches then most probably, the water main might require replacement.

Also, water main replacement might be necessary if one’s house was built in years before 1970s. The replacement is vital since, in those days, most water supply pipes were made from lead. Lead is dangerous to people’s health thus if one has a house that was constructed before 1970s; then it is prudent to check the water mains and determine the material that was used. An individual can employ some tips to know whether lead was utilized in his/her water main. The first way is use of a torch to check the pipe that supply water to the house by oneself. It could be the kitchen sink or even the toilets whichever is convenient. Alternatively, a person can employ the expert plumbers to carry out this work on his/her behalf. It’s quite easy to know the lead from just the dark gray and soft look but still, one might need an expert to verify his suspicion.

If one discovers that his/her water main is made of lead, then it’s wise to replace it immediately. This action can save one’s family especially the children and even the unborn babies. The effect of lead is also long-term to other people, so the health experts recommend people to play safe with their wellness. In addition, other materials such as copper may have been used but they might be too old thus one can consider the replacement too.

When an individual thinks of water main replacement, he/she ought to acquire the services of a qualified plumber to assist with the job. In selecting the person to work in the home, a person ought to choose wisely so that he/she receives the best services at cost effective charges. As a result, it is significant to get recommendations from friends, colleagues, neighbors or rather do a thorough research online in order to contract certified professionals. One other factor to look into is the disruption that the service providers might cause him/her. The disruption of one’s property depends on who he/she employs thus it is prudent to work with one person who would not cause unnecessary disruptions to him/her.

Lastly, the individual ought to ensure that the contractors value timeliness and experience; thus they can assist him/her in the shortest time possible. As a result, he/she would only pay money for superior water main replacement service.

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