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10 Essential Things to Rent for Your Wedding

10 Essential Things to Rent for Your Wedding

Your chosen wedding venue may lack all the essential wedding items you need, or you may just want to step things up and add some more pizzazz. Whatever the case, the following checklist can help you be organized with all the things you need to rent for your wedding.


You may have heard almost everybody ask, “Have you got a plan B?” In case you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may need to get a tent ready. This will protect you and your guests from severe weather conditions –and this is not limited to rain. Your guests need to stay comfortable and be shielded from billowing winds and blazing sun. That’s not all, however, because you also need items like a marquis entrance, clear sides, gutters, and pole covers. If you love draping fabric over the tent’s ceiling, include it as well.

Tables and chairs

Of course, chairs and tables are essential for seating you and your visitors during the ceremony, reception, and cocktail hour—but do not forget about other areas throughout your venue where chairs and tables are necessary. You need another table to place your cards and gifts, another for your desserts and cakes, another for your sitting arrangements, as well as another for your flavors. And your musicians will need somewhere to sit and place instruments.

Dance floor

Many venues will come with a dance floor, but for venues that don’t have one, depending on the number of guests attending, you should be able to decide your dance floor’s size. Dance floor sizes may range from 12 by 12 feet to 20 by 30 feet or larger. Make your floor plan on a graph paper and take this to your wedding rental company. The most common kind of dance floor is wood but there are also other options.


If you’re hosting your wedding in the backyard or in a rural location, you may need a generator. Consider how much electricity is required to power your special day. Electricity is needed to switch on the lights, to cook and bake, and to play music. Your best man and maid of honor also need electricity to offer their toasts through a set of speakers and microphone.


There’s a wide range of table linen fabrics and styles available—choose ones that best suit your general wedding theme, and feel free to mix and match. Some lovely designs include the sequins, honeycomb, damask, and stripe designs.

Essential linens include guest tablecloths, napkins for both reception and cocktail party, table runners, as well as vintage and luxurious linens for the gift, cake, photo, and sweetheart tables. Also consider getting chair linens as they’re a perfect way to add texture and color to your space.

If you need some linens for hire, be sure to check out Linen Hire | Table cloth Hire | Coloured Linen Hire – for some high-quality linens.

Dinnerware, barware, and flatware

How else are your guests going to drink and eat? Don’t forget serving plates and chargers, knives, spoons, forks, water glasses, white and red wine glasses, highball glasses, champagne flutes, coffee mugs, and rock glasses. And perhaps something a little more special for those unique drinks like mason jars.

Floral accessories

Fresh, luxurious flowers will make a huge statement on your big day, but where do you place all of them? This is where your florist takes over. Opt to rent vessels, vases, votives, arches, aisle marker stands, candelabras, lanterns and so on.

Lounge furniture

Provide your guests with a quiet place to rest their bodies. Organize a family room design with vintage couches, coffee table, armchairs, maybe a rug, etc.

Heaters/Air conditioners

You may need heaters if you’re going to hold your reception outdoors and/or if the temperature is likely to drop under 65 Degrees Celsius.

There are gas and electric heaters which come in varying sizes. Gas-powered heaters are more preferred as they don’t have unsafe and unsightly electric cords. If you live in a warmer area, you can rent portable AC units for an outdoor wedding.


Keep in mind that this is applicable only for some types of venues and some couples. Restrooms are certainly a requirement, however, and rented restrooms are usually well-maintained and spacious.

Keeping expenses in check is a major issue in weddings, and renting wedding items is a good way to save cash. You don’t need to rent these items from different places. Just contact a wedding rental service to get items for your wedding ceremony.