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6 Great American Camping Destinations

6 Great American Camping Destinations

Camping is a hobby and passion of many people across the globe. It’s a way for families to unplug and spend genuine quality time together. It is also a great way to enjoy and appreciate nature in its natural state. One of the most difficult parts of a camping trip is getting ready and making sure you have everything that you need, but choosing the destination is the most important. is a great place to start with great product reviews and information but where you end up is all up to you.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve (New York)

Minnewaska is located in the picturesque Shawangunk Mountains of the Hudson Valley in New York State, just 94 miles north of New York City. This beautiful mountain setting has more than 50 miles of stunning trails, natural rock formations, waterfalls, and pristine sky lakes. If you have the experience necessary, and the guts, there is world renowned rock climbing with breath taking views as your reward for reaching the top. There is also the usual fun that comes with camping like hiking, swimming, and horseback riding for family fun and great memories.

Aside from the wonderful camping and the serene setting, Minnewaska State Park is also deeply embedded in local conservation and education. The conduct education programs for all ages, all year round. Many of the local school aged children have been to Minnewaska with their class at some point. The money they earn from activities, such as camping fees they charge patrons, goes towards the important work they do.

Assateague Island National Seashore (Maryland)

For people looking for a unique camping experience, Assateague Island National Seashore is a beautiful choice. The island is a wonderful East Coast destination that offers its own unique take on camping. This island is famous for the wild horses that call the island home and roam freely. It is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Sinepuxent Bay and it offers two miles of beautiful oceanfront camping. This is a great way to do camping with a twist. This is the only ocean front park in the State of Maryland and Ocean City is not too far away. This offers the unique experience of ocean kayaking plus all the rest of the stuff that goes along with the experience of nature at its finest.

Badland National Park (South Dakota)

The Badlands was an area that the first pioneers did not travel through without extreme caution and preparation. This is a landscape of beautiful prairies and treacherous mountain ridges that encompass the idea of what the wild west was for the original settlers. With the existence of the National Park, people are, now, able to enjoy its beauty, without all the danger.

This 244,000-acre park is a mecca for wildlife, both current and prehistoric. The Badlands region contains one of the richest prehistoric fossil beds in the world, where some of the oldest dinosaur fossils have been discovered. Also, the bison, big horn sheep, and black footed ferrets, that call it home, roam freely throughout this beautiful backdrop.

Denali National Park (Alaska)

Alaska is widely known as the last great frontier left, there is much in Alaska that man has yet to conquer. One of these beautiful, and spiritual, places is Denali National Park, which is located surrounding America’s tallest peak, Mount Denali, which stands at 20,310 feet. From taiga to tundra, there are incredible things to see in Denali.

From the wildlife all year round to the beautiful fields of blooming flowers in the summer, Denali offers an experience all its own. One of the great attractions is the single road that goes the circumference of Denali to allows people to see the wonder from all sides.

Aside from the camping, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking all campers love, Denali has sled dogs. In Denali, patrons can watch a sled dog demonstration, where you can visit with the dogs and see how they work. This is a place of inspirational beauty and a spiritual quality unlike any other.

Yosemite National Park (California)

When you think of California, usually, the first thing that comes to mind is Hollywood and the beach, but California is much more. Yosemite National Park is located in a gorgeous valley of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Northern California. This 1,200-square-mile park offers ancient sequoia forest, waterfalls, and meadows that inspired the renowned black and white photographer Ansel Adams.

This glacier carved valley was established as a National Park in 1864 and since then has offered wonderful year-round fun for families from all over the world. One of the unique things to see is the Ansel Adams Gallery that showcases the photographer who showcased Yosemite in such a timeless way.

In Summary

No matter where you go, or what you decide to see, make sure you are always safe as possible about everything you do. Make sure that you have all of the required safety equipment, first aid kit, and firearm (if necessary). Also, make sure that park officials are aware of your presence and where you plan to be. Happy trails!