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Features to look for in an aftershave

There are many ways of skin care, and in men, the skin area to care for is mostly after shaving. An aftershave comes in many forms; there are lotions, balms, and moisturizers. The following are some benefits of after shave you will find at Manly Matters:

•    Aftershaves stop bleeding resulting from shaving and enhance fast healing.

•    It soothes the skin.

•    It acts as an anti-bacteria which prevents acne and other skin infections.

•    It increases confidence in men.

As the benefits are appealing, there are some factors you should look for as you select the best after shave that suits your skin.

Know your strength of fragrances

The concentration of a fragrance determines its strength. There are four levels of a perfume according to concentration levels. Your strength usually guides the selection of any aftershave. The strong scents usually have high levels. Do not buy an aftershave that your friend uses, use your perfume strength to choose an aftershave.

Select the right ingredients of aftershave

Fragrance has different notes another term for ingredients. There are those that last for a while, and others stay longer. The three notes association with perfumes are top, heart and base notes. Determine the base note which is heavier and rich ingredient in any perfume. It will be the smell you have after hours of aftershave applying and select it well for you will live with it for days.

Try an aftershave before purchase

Perfume smells according to the skin chemistry of an individual. Each person has a unique skin chemistry, so it affects the outcome of a perfume worn. Never purchase a fragrance that smells good to someone else because it might produce a different smell on you. Visit a store to select an aftershave and always do it in the morning for your senses of feeling are sharp and air in the shop is not full of other fragrances which will ease the process. It is wise if after selection you find some fragrances that interest you, try and leave them to dry for an hour to know the strengths, if allowed you can go out of the store to know how it smells away from the perfume filled air.

Use the right after shave, maintain and keep it well

As the skin smell so is its texture unique to every person. There are different skin types, select an aftershave that suits your skin type to avoid irritation and adverse side effects.

The method of storage of any perfume determines its longevity. It should be away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures in storing. Heat will change the fragrance balance which usually results in it breaking its scent or spoiling. Try storing it in its original box for its temperature suits it.


In fragrance selection, the concentration matters a lot and should be put first in perfume purchase. It is highly advisable that the best strength is the pure perfume which is strong in scent due to its high concentration. Purchase an aftershave that suits you both in scent and skin type.