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How To Choose The Best CIJ Printer For Your Business

Continuous Inkjet Printers are used in many industries for coding and marking products in a more affordable way. The versatile and high-speed printing capabilities of CIJ printers make them ideal for use in high demand environments to mark and package products. They offer superior print quality and are suitable for a wide range of applications including beverage products, consumer packaged goods, glass products and electronics.

Choosing a CIJ printer can be a complicated process. Let us look at some of the important factors you may need to consider.

Printing Quality and Size

The quantity of information you need to mark on your product will determine the type of printer to purchase. You need to determine the size of the printing area, the required print resolution and whether the marks should be machine-readable. You may also need to define the type of data to be coded on your product – whether static or dynamic. This information will help you to identify the right printer for your assignment.

Type of Material

Different materials require different types of printing ink. You need to determine if you intend to print on porous or non-porous surfaces. This will help narrow down your printer options. The shape of the product will dictate the type of print head you need as well.

Line Speed

State your production line speed in terms of meters or feet per second then look for a printer that can match this speed. A high-speed printer will help prevent congestion in your production line and also meet customer deadlines.

Ink Properties

The ink color, type and drying time are some of the important aspects you need to consider before buying a CIJ printer. If you want to use your corporate colors then you need a brand that easily avails these colors. If you deal with fast moving goods then you may need the product markings to dry quickly before the products are delivered to your clients.  If you deal with food products then you need a printer that supports food safe ink.

Manufacturing Environment

Will the printer be used in an open, closed, humid or dusty place? If you intend to install the printer in a busy environment then you must ensure that the print heads can withstand constant knocks. If the printer is to be used across a large network then it has to provide the capability to be controlled through the network and process all the requirements sent through the network

Final Word

In order to minimize printing costs, check if the printer requires minimal effort to set up. Needham Coding sells CIJ Printers that are quite easy to operate. They come with special features such as large touchscreens, automated ventilation systems, smart filter system alerts and enough ink to last for a while. Feel free to check them out.