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How To Use Instagram As An Online Tutor

The online space is full of opportunities and we now have offline tasks being moved online and people making a killing out of it. You may be talented in one area and there may be others who are looking for your services as well. You may be good in mathematics while there is a kid out there who is having a hard time solving the basics. The good thing about the internet world is that you can tutor people from different parts of the world from the comfort of your home. The following are some of the ways you can use Instagram as an online tutor

    1. Market your services

Everyone who starts a business has a goal to make profits and you cannot do this without marketing. There are many businesses owners out there who closed their trade after a few months just because they could not make a sale. You can sign up for a business profile as it gives you more possibilities when compared to a personal profile. You can make ads and target different classes of people and increases the chances of making a conversion. Ensure that you include enticing call-to-actions that provoke people to take action.

    1. Illustrate what you do

People have trust issues and you have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you are good at your craft. Stating that you are an online coach might not be enough as people want to see you doing the coaching. You can take short clips while you are doing the coaching and post them on your timeline. Always ensure that you seek express permission from your clients to use such clips because some might be uncomfortable. You can also prepare slides and posters that show your course outline for people to peruse.

    1. Grow your audience base

It feels good when you make a post and receive thousands of likes and comments on your timeline. Having a big following is not that easy and you may have to toil for days to achieve it. Managing your social account and getting enough time to tutor your students can be quite stressing. You have to review your students’ work, check what is trending and still grow your Instagram account. Automation of your account is the way to go because it gives you more time to focus on your clients. At, you can check some of the coolest bots that you can use to grow your account.