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Indicators That You Are Not Utilizing Instagram Marketing To Its Full Potential

If you think that social media marketing is just a wave that will come to pass, then you are mistaken because it is here to stay. In fact, developers of various platforms are working tirelessly to roll out new features that will even make social media marketing more effective. A platform like Instagram has evolved from a simple application for sharing photos to a powerful marketing tool that connects buyers and sellers in real-time. All this has not been on sheer luck, but various developers have worked tirelessly to give the current version we have today. The following are indicators that your business is not utilizing Instagram to its full potential.

    1. You cannot tell your conversion rate

Marketing is all about numbers, and if you cannot determine the number of people you get from a certain campaign, then you should revisit your strategy. You can use various tools to analyze and derive reports on how your campaigns are doing. You can have a different approach to varying campaigns. If you aim at making your brand known, then you should have a way of determining the number of people who get the message. The same should apply if you intend to increase your sales.

    1. You still have very few followers

The higher the number of Instagram followers, the higher your chances of turning them into customers. However, following people on a daily basis can be very tiring, and you may find yourself left with very little time for service delivery. You can use a bot to save you time and concentrate on policy implementation. A good automation tool will follow people on your behalf, engage followers and most importantly use it to schedule posts. Analyze several tools before settling on the one that suits you best. Ensure to check various reviews such as thisĀ

    1. You post the same content on all your platforms

Do not be the lazy type who cannot customize content to fit every social platform. Facebook and Twitter will allow you to share links on the newsfeed but Instagram will not unless it is in the bio section. These social platforms also have their preferred dimensions when it comes to videos and images. Ensure that you resize your images and clips to fit Instagram needs. Remember to use hashtags as they make your posts more visible and easy to search. Do not forget to use creative captions for all your visuals.