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Kinds of Married Couples

Everyone, except a few people, is looking for a happy, lifelong, monogamous marriage, but this has been an elusive desire for many people. If you are married and happy, you need to consider yourself lucky and pray nothing happens to change the status quo.

If you aren’t in this group, then you are in one of the other groups of couples that we shall discuss shortly.

The Faithful

This group has never strayed and is devoted to their partners. Both the partners enjoy the bond that they have created over the years and have a monogamous connection. The bond is mutually satisfying and each person only wishes to be with the other – no one else.

Another variant of this group is the one that is sexually inactive and don’t see any reason to be with anyone else. They might have lost interest in intimacy altogether or they have replaced the sex drive with another compulsion that involves gambling, food or more.

One of the partners is faithful while the other one is going out with other people. The faithful partner is still lives the fantasy of a picture perfect marriage when most seriously, he is living a dream.

The Terrified and Insecure

This group comprises of a partner who is scared of losing his or her spouse. They live with the notion that there is no life outside the marriage. The other spouse does bad things yet the other spouse remains faithful. They just don’t want to endure a failed marriage because of what other people say.

Although one of the partners has the fantasy of cheating, they haven’t cheated yet. They might have the urges to do so but they don’t have the strength to go ahead with the plan.

Emotional Cheaters

There are those that avoid sexual affairs, but they are romantically connected emotionally with other people other than their partner. These become the perfect partner when they are with their other half, but deep inside they hold the secret.

The Denial Experts

There are those that swear allegiance to their spouses and swear that they can’t cheat. They even condemn those who cheat yet after a single drink they end up having a one night stand. They then go ahead to deny what has happened, even to themselves just to avoid the guilt.


Marriages are made of different kinds of people. Knowing who you are can help you change for the better.