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Kinds of Married Couples

Everyone, except a few people, is looking for a happy, lifelong, monogamous marriage, but this has been an elusive desire for many people. If you are married and happy, you need to consider yourself lucky and pray nothing happens to change the status quo. If you aren’t in this group, then you are in one […]

Are Smart Homes any Good?

Okay, smart homes are expensive. But, what if you have the money to spend, are they worth it? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, and here’s why. Their Comfort is on Another Level Imagine living in a house where you could adjust the brightness of your lighting bulbs! Now, that’s intriguing, right? […]

6 Great American Camping Destinations

6 Great American Camping Destinations

Camping is a hobby and passion of many people across the globe. It’s a way for families to unplug and spend genuine quality time together. It is also a great way to enjoy and appreciate nature in its natural state. One of the most difficult parts of a camping trip is getting ready and making […]

10 Essential Things to Rent for Your Wedding

10 Essential Things to Rent for Your Wedding

Your chosen wedding venue may lack all the essential wedding items you need, or you may just want to step things up and add some more pizzazz. Whatever the case, the following checklist can help you be organized with all the things you need to rent for your wedding. Tents You may have heard almost […]

Ransomware & Small Businesses

Ransomware & How it Affects Small Businesses

Most computer users understand what a virus is. They may even be privy to the concept of malware or adware. What the average user isn’t as knowledgeable of is the latest trend in cyber vandalism and theft – ransomware. Originating in Russia, ransomware attacks have since spread across Europe to the rest of the world […]