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Sleep Like the Dead With This Ultimate Mattress Guide

When it comes to mattresses, you’ll find not all are sleeps are created equal. It’s not just about king, queen, double or twin. These are merely relative sizes. The best mattresses will offer more than just quality of material or size.

Before you make a decision, you have to do your research. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive and buying a mattress is exactly the same. It may have all the latest “shiny” features but when you lay down, you’ll learn all you need to know.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of options you should consider. So if you’re looking for a twin mattress guide or you’re trying to make a decision on a queen-size mattress for two, you should start with some product research.

What should you be looking for? When you’re narrowing your choices for a mattress down to a shortlist, before you get in the store, you want to think about factors like these. Let’s get started.

Previous customer reviews
Start here to get a sense of brands and types. What are current and past owners saying about the mattress of your choice? Browse forums and product review sites.

Next, think about your intended use. What kind of mattress do you have and, on average, how long will that type last? Some individuals deliberately choose a mattress that won’t last as long because they expect to be moving. For example, a student might get a futon because they plan to move often and futons only last about 3 years. But, a married couple who are homeowners might choose a memory foam mattress because it lasts almost 8 years.

Based on the way you usually sleep (side, back or stomach) and your body type, a different firmness may suit you. For example, someone who is a side-sleeper and has a wide waist with narrower shoulders and hips will enjoy a medium-firm mattress.

What are the different price points for the brand you’re looking for? This point is also closely related to customer satisfaction.

So, for example, if only 69% of customers are satisfied but they paid up to $700 for a queen, that might not be as good a deal as a brand that reports 75% customer satisfaction, where customers paid between $700 – $1400 for a queen.

Pillow tops or non-pillow tops?
This is a tricky one if you’re buying for two people of different body types. For example, side sleeps will enjoy a pillow top because these models provide cushion for hips and shoulders. However, a pillow top bed also experiences sagging within 3 years of ownership, which can cause back pain for back sleepers.

Motion isolation/absorption
Mattresses that have good motion isolation means that, if there are two sleepers on a mattress, changing positions, shifting and getting in and out of bed will minimally affect the other sleeper. If this is important to you, it should definitely factor into your buying decision.

The thickness of a mattress will be determined by body size, not as much by type.

For sleepers who are large, anything over 11 inches will give them the best support and they should stay away from 6 inch mattresses. Small people, on the other hand, will simply sink in this same situation. So they should go for a mattress that is 6-10 inches because anything over that will be uncomfortable.

A warranty is meant to cover any issues related to the mattress during the lifespan of the mattress. The lifespan of the mattress should be 75-90% of the warrant.

So, if a warranty offered is 5 years, the mattress lifespan should be about 4 to 4.5 years. A 10 year warranty should be given for a mattress whose lifespan is expected to be about 7 years.

Suitability for romance:
Not many individuals think about this issue but it should be a forefront in the minds of any couple who plans to actually use their mattress, not just look at it. Certain types of mattress are better suited for couples, based on intimate activity.

For example, an inner spring mattress is quiet and easy to move on. However, it’s difficult to clean up and it’s not very comfortable, unable to hold up to use over time. Compare this with a latex mattress that offers bounce, is comfortable and quiet, is relatively easy to clean up and, best of all, holds up to use over time.

Now that you know the various factors at play, it’s time to start zoning into some brands that offer all you’re looking for. Give each of these factors a “number” weight in your decision. For example, is suitability for romance more important to you than pricing? Then that should go at the top of your list and any brands that perform well for this factor should be what you focus on.

Once you organize yourself in this way, you’ll have the perfect mattress in your bedroom.