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Tips to Help You Store and Maintain Your Game Systems

How you store your game console primarily determines its durability. The latest game consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360, for instance, generate a lot of heat. Well, any gaming enthusiasts will tell you that heat and electronics don’t mix. Below, we share some tips to help you to keep your game system operating smoothly for years.

Choose the Storage Location Correctly

Never tuck your high-powered game system into an enclosed entertainment center. Pick a place that allows the heat to escape and has no dust. A TV stand, with open side or back, for instance, would be ideal. That way, wiping the system becomes easy not to mention that there’s enough room for the heat to escape.

 System Maintenance is Essential

While the location of your game system is important, you also need to carry out maintenance procedures once in a while. Dust and wipe it after a couple of weeks for optimal performance. Inspect the vents and clean them too.

Note – avoid using compressed air to blow out the dust. Be sure to use a small handheld vacuum instead. Frequent cleaning (at intervals of at least six months) will save a lot of unnecessary heartaches later on.

 Additional Tips

  • Never place your game system on cases. Also, avoid placing items on it to prevent the heat from reflecting back into the system and eventually affect the performance. In other words, make sure that your game console stays as cool as possible.
  • Avoid leaving wired controllers hanging out in your living room. You certainly don’t want your dog or kid tripping over them and yanking your system on the floor. And even though the latest game consoles such as Xbox or Xbox 360 come with breakaway controller cables, always ensure that you detach the wires before leaving your hours.  Speaking of the latest game systems, check out, your one stop shop for anything gaming from retro to classic.
  • Keep your cool if something goes wrong. It is very likely that your Xbox 360 will ring light of errors for varied reasons. When that happens, don’t panic. Chen your AV and power cables and ensure that your system is well ventilated. Sometimes, it takes a few minor fixes to get your game console working again.
  • Always keep the box your game system came in. It provides a safe way to transport it and also allows you to keep everything organized.
  • Make sure that you keep your console away from any magnetic forces more so if it comes with an integrated or storage disk. This is to prevent harming the contents of the disk, or corrupting games saves as well as other critical files.
  • Never expose the console to direct sunlight or intense heat. Excessive heat may warp the casing and damage internal components. The same applies for extreme cold.  Just keep your gaming system at room temperature.
  • Do not tamper with the lens. Touching the lens, for instance, will compromise your console’s ability to read the disks that you insert. As a matter of fact, the lens is one of the most essential parts that enables the entire system to keep working properly.

In conclusion, when you first purchase a new gaming console, don’t be caught up in the thrill and forget about the maintenance. The tips above will help you enjoy months upon months of smooth gaming.