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Top 5 Modern Wedding Themes

Top 5 Modern Wedding Themes

When you get past that grim part of wedding planning where it slowly starts to dawn on you just how long that to-do list is about to be, it can become quite fun and enjoyable planning a wedding. Not all parts of the process are hunky dory, but some parts especially are idyllic – trying out all the different flavors of cake you could have, trying to decide between a buffet style dinner or the full four-course menu – and some parts are pure joy. There are some fabulously chic and stylish themes to choose from, especially now that we’ve all graduated from the high frilled collars and long puffy sleeves.

This first theme does take us back a little bit, but far enough to jump over the cringe-worthy eighties and back into a finer time. The Vintage theme is a lovely, delicate, elegant way of making your wedding original and classy while skipping the boring bits of modernity. While we’re still avoiding those frills, lace can be achieved without going down the tacky route – try for muted colors like beige or a pale pink, with sheer sleeves. Using tried and true resources like twine and craft paper can also bring out the thrifty thirty’s housewife in you while keeping well within that budget you’ve got your eye on as well. It’s a great chance to get creative with affordable accessories – you guests won’t know the difference!

Our second theme is keeping in with the thrifty, humble and resourceful – yet maintaining that beautiful elegance, you can find in such crafty endeavors. The Rustic Chic theme has been around for a few years now, and doesn’t seem to lose its popularity! This themes primary criterion is the inclusion of all things nature – wood, high plains, and flora. The location is a significant factor here – you’ve got to let go and embrace that beautiful landscape that’s available, incorporating it into your wedding as much as possible. Wood is another must in a rustic chic wedding. You could use felled tree stumps as chairs, beautiful wooden chopping boards for the antipasto – there’s no end to the fine addition of wood into a wedding.

The third favorite modern wedding theme brings us right back into those creature comforts that celebrate the gentleness of women and robustness of man – the classic Romance wedding theme. Think candles, drapery, fine linen, ostentatious mirrors, and flowers – everywhere. Flowers on the tables, at the altar, lining the doorway that you step out of as man and wife. Think a three-tiered wedding cake, bride and groom proudly adorning the very top. Think fine china, chandeliers, and a crooning wedding singer like James Barlow at This theme is all about the celebration of love, and what better way to celebrate love than with the finer comforts of life? If you like glamming it up and celebrating in style, this is the theme.

The fourth wedding theme has blown up in the last decade or so, mainly due to globalization and the coming together of all nations as one. What better place to celebrate the combining of two cultures than at your wedding? The Ethnic wedding theme is the perfect opportunity to include any family or friends and their traditions to your wedding. If you’re that type of person who is all inclusive and wants to make it just as much about the guests as it is about you, then an ethnic themed wedding is perfect. This is also fun if the person you’re marrying is from a different cultural background than you. Use it as an excellent opportunity to get to know their cultural traditions – cultural wedding traditions can be some of the most fun and fascinating in the world!

Our final top modern wedding theme takes us back full circle to nature again – but not in a woody, sheltered way. The Seaside wedding theme incorporates all that is beach and all that is laid back. If you’re someone who’s prepared to wear flip flops with your dress, or no shoes at all it could get pretty sandy! Naturally, you need good weather to pull this off, which is why it’s good to plan your beach wedding in the summer – and include it in the theme too! From serving summery drinks like mojitos to completing the relaxed atmosphere with a pig on a spit and coleslaw, the seaside theme is for those who want to start their honeymoon early!

There is an endless abundance of ways you can execute one of the most exciting and breathtaking days of your life. With so many creative concepts to choose from, it’s helpful to know the ones that are tried and true – when you see that someone else has pulled it off, you know that nothing could go wrong when you try to do it, right? These themes have the perfect combination of originality and modernity – allowing you to play around and figure out what you love about each one, even combining two or three together! As long as you can spare us all the big bouffant hair and big puffy sleeves of that unspoken bygone era, please. Nobody needs to revisit those hair-raising wedding days. I think it’s better if we all just forgot about it, and pretended that it never happened!