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Types of Kitchen Materials and What They Represent to a Fitter

You need ingenuity and new perspectives when designing your kitchen. You might have the knowledge about where you want everything to fit, but something you might not understand is the material types and their role in your kitchen. An expert kitchen fitter understands the types of materials and which one you need.

These experts understand a wide variety of materials that you can access and make use of. They understand the benefits of each and will give you a reason why you should opt for one and not the other. Let us look at some of the materials you might consider, and reasons why they are perfect for your kitchen.


This is a common material that adds a natural character to any kitchen installation. No stone block is similar, which means that you can make your home unique just by using stone. Stone comes in various types including marble and granite. Stones also come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. You make a choice depending on your needs. You can choose a slab to achieve a minimalist look or go for pieces to get the best style. Consult with top Kitchen Fitters, Uxbridge, to know what options you have at your disposal.


This material isn’t limited to kitchen fittings, it serves a wide role in the home. The material is made out of extremely tough resin. The flexibility of resin means that the material can be constituted into any size, which allows for greater creativity. The ease of manufacture means that the material doesn’t have many lines on the surface. With fewer cracks to clean, this material becomes easy to maintain.

Toughened Glass

This is another popular alternative that you can put to use in your kitchen. Glass is easy to clean and non-porous, which means it doesn’t take in water. It won’t, therefore, rot or get attacked by termites. Glass can be stained or backpainted to suit the kitchen décor. Glass comes in various sizes as well to give you flexibility and choice. It is also lighter than most worktops, making it easy to install. Unlike stone and granite, glass is more likely to scratch and dent, requiring you to take great care of it.


Stainless steel is a common material due to its rust-free and tough nature. It adds a cool appeal to the kitchen and can match with any décor. The look of steel gives your kitchen an industrial look. Steel is hardy and extremely durable. As you know, steel isn’t scratch resistant and will require you to take exceptional care to reap its benefits.


Tile is a common alternative, whose main benefit is that it is easy to replace. Although less fashionable, tile can give you a characteristic finish that other materials can’t offer.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the available materials for kitchen fittings, leave it to the experts. In as much as you have the knowledge of organizing your kitchen, materials are a specialty of the fitter. The fitter assists you choose an ideal material for your type of kitchen so that you get the best out of your investment.