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Ways to Make Your Dog Love His Crate

Crate training for big dogs can be hard work. First, you need to choose your crate carefully. That way, you can help your furry friend discover that the crate is a safe and comfortable place to spend his nights. To begin with, visit to view a selection of the best extra large crates for big dogs. Now that you that part of the process sorted out, it is time to get right into it.

Make Him Familiar With the Crate

In most case, crate training happens when the dog is still young. Sure, your canine may have adjusted to the environment in your home already, but he may be shy to use the crate at first. So, be sure to make the crate part of the furniture. In fact, you‘re better off placing it in your living room for the dog explore. One of the easiest ways to doing so is to leave the door open. That way, you will allow him to sniff inside and out.

Make the Crate a Happy Place

You can achieve this by placing a dog bed or a snugly blanket inside the care. Alternatively, you can put anything else that would make your dog curious enough to get inside. Keep in mind that you want your best friend to have the best possible experience with the crate.

Make Use of Treats

Dogs love treats, and this is a sure way get your canine to love his crate. All you need to do is to make sure that you choose a treat your dog is familiar with. Show it to him, let him take a sniff or two the throw it into the crate. Shut the door with your dog outside. The idea is to make your pet know that it is okay to have his treat inside the crate.  Shut the door after he gets inside and has chewed the treat for at least five minutes.

In Conclusion

Teach your dog some tolerance. In other words, until the canine gets used to the idea of staying in the crate, you should make it your job to show him that good things happen inside the crate. The more he learns to get in and outside the crate, the easier it will be for him to adapt. And, when this happens, it is only a matter of time before he starts to take a nap inside the crate.